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    Business Excellence Profiles Kanban for Eto Manufacturing

    Business Excellence Profiles Kanban for Eto Manufacturing

    According to leading manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler, in the May issue of Business Excellence in a feature article titled, An Order of One, much of the (manufacturing) waste is invisible to the naked eye, so identifying and eliminating it is not always easy. Lean manufacturing uses standardized processes to remove waste from repetitive tasks, but its main principles are still relevant to ETO (engineer-to-order) manufacturers, including:

    • Pull scheduling (digital kanban) to reduce inventory and reduce cycle times

    • Rapid setup – to reduce lot sizes and inventory

    • Team development – to implement the new processes

    • Value stream mapping – to identify value added and non-value-added activities

    • Cellular and flow manufacturing – to reduce travel distance and simplify routings.

    Dramatic improvements can be achieved from lean manufacturing implementations and continued process improvement, including 40-60 percent increases in productivity, inventory reductions in the region of 50-75 percent, lead

    times down by anything from 25-75 percent and quality improvements between 50-70 percent.

    One of the biggest opportunities for improvement in ETO manufacturing is in the supply chain, where procuring the right materials more quickly and accurately has a direct effect on lead times. According to Stephen Parker, CEO of Datacraft

    Solutions: “The role of digital kanban in the ETO environment is critical because of the complex and time sensitive nature of engineer-to-order projects. Companies are battling rising costs, fluctuating exchange rates, and increased overseas competition. Customers expect and demand quality products, short

    on-time deliveries, and competitive prices. Only the most efficient and flexible survive. Digital kanban is a key component that provides companies with a tool to manage costs and shorten cycle times.” Because digital kanban offers realtime

    information, it allows a company to produce what customers require as they require it, which is exactly what engineer to order is all about.

    Datacraft Solutions ( delivers a revolutionary digital kanban process of automation solutions to lean manufacturers through a secure Internet gateway, eliminating the need to install and maintain a complex IT infrastructure. The company has experienced significant growth in the past twelve months by eliminating complicated, expensive, time-intensive software implementations as well as extensive training regiments and the need for internal support. The Datacraft Solutions’ demand driven supply chain digital kanban lean system allows customers access and fully utilize powerful lean benefits immediately for a low, predictable monthly fee. Services are scalable so manufacturers can design an appropriate digital kanban solution.

    Build and customize Joomla

    Build and customize Joomla! templates with Packt's new cookbook

    Joomla is an open source content management system platform for publishing content on theWorld Wide Web and intranets as well as model-view-controller (MVC)Web application framework. Users will learn to develop and customize Joomla! templates to make your website stand out from the crowd. Thus making Joomla! one of the most popular CMSes available.

    Joomla 1.5 Templates Cookbook consists of a series of self-contained step-by-step recipes that cover everything from common tasks such as changing your site’s logo or favicon and altering color schemes, to custom error pages and template overrides. This book will help developers get to grips with the basics of template design for Joomla! such as changing the logo and altering color schemes for your templates.

    Using this book, developers will learn to develop Joomla! templates as well as learn to tweak them to meet your needs perfectly with clear and easy-to-follow recipes. This book will help developers start from the very basics of customizing Joomla! templates to mastering the most complex functionalities. This book consists of a wide range of tips, tricks, and tasks to help get your Joomla! website one step closer to perfection. This book focuses on customizing templates for the joomla content management.

    This book contains step-by-step instructions for Joomla! users to customize their Joomla! templates. This book is ideal for Joomla! developers who want to improve the look and feel of their Joomla! sites. The book is out now and available from Packt. To read more about it, please visit: Joomla! 1.5 Templates Cookbook

    Ofcom Could Allow Bt to Increase Openreach Charges

    Ofcom Could Allow Bt to Increase Openreach Charges

    According to an Ofcom review, BT may soon be allowed to increase the amount it charges rivals to use its network. In the review, Ofcom said that an increase in competition from telephone and broadband companies gave BT a case to lift its charges, although they would probably not be able to so by as much as the company would like.
    BT will be pleased that they can raise their charges, although Carphone Warehouse and the company’s other rivals won’t be quite as happy about the news.
    BT has been criticised by regulators wanting to promote competition ever since it was privatised in 1984. The telecoms company was once a state-owned monopoly, but was privatised by Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government. In 2006, BT agreed to create a separate business unit called Openreach in order to stave off a competition probe. Openreach would provide rival telecoms service providers with wholesale access to BT’s telecoms network.
    When establishing Openreach, Ofcom set the maximum prices that BT could charge for its main services. However, these charges didn’t leave room for inflation or other cost movements and Ofcom agree that these factors should now be taken into consideration. As the Ofcom report explains, “Since the charges were first set and Openreach was established, there has been a transformation in the telecoms market, with a significant increase in direct competition in the provision of both telephone lines and broadband services. The evidence we have reviewed to date suggests that there is likely to be a case for some increases in the charges for the regulated access services.”
    In order to set a new charge for the Openreach service, Ofcom said that it would be conducting a two-part consultation. It is thought that they will be publishing a final statement on the matter before the end of this year.
    The main services available via Openreach are wholesale line rental, allowing rival telecoms companies to offer their own telephone services over the BT network, as well as local loop unbundling (LLU), which allow companies to install equipment in BT telephone exchanges, so they can offer their own retail services such as broadband.
    Analysts from Cazenove estimate that each unbundled broadband customer generates around 5 pounds a month before interest and tax for Carphone Warehouse. In a research note, they state that a change in this rate will directly affect this profitability. It read: “Any increase in the LLU rate (currently 6.7 pounds) would come straight off this profitability and might go some way to reducing profitability forecasts. A 1 pound increase could reduce profitability forecasts by 20 percent, for example.”
    It is thought that cable group Virgin Media will not be affected by any increased charges, as its phone lines do not rely on the BT network.

    Maine Marriage Records – Maine Divorce Records

    Maine Marriage Records – Maine Divorce Records

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    Real-world Use Cases: Cloud Storage Workloads

    Real-world Use Cases: Cloud Storage Workloads

    When choosing any storage solution it’s important to consider the workload and data usage patterns. This even goes beyond storage – application workloads drive server, network and all IT infrastructure decisions. Sure, most vendors will tell you that their product is the best solution for any workload, and when choices were few, that was somewhat accurate. However, today there are many different offerings, each with strengths and weaknesses in different situations.  This article will review six workload scenarios and identify where cloud storage is a good fit and where it is a poor fit.

    Rapidly Changing Single File Workloads
    Examples of a rapidly changing single file workload would include I/O patterns of a database, source code repository, or an active spreadsheet. In this workload there is either a very powerful single server, or many users sharing a single file. In both cases, updates to a single file are constant and rapid, driving the need for a tier-one class of storage. To facilitate this workload, the system should have lots of memory; fast, hard drives; and the ability to create snapshots for instant data protection. Today this market is well served by Enterprise NAS vendors such as EMC and NetApp.

    Data Ingestion Workloads
    The best example of a data ingestion workload is video surveillance. Consider, for example, the city of London and its thousands of cameras, each streaming write operations to storage. Every camera creates its own set of files and needs fast access to storage. This is an excellent workload for private cloud storage. A private storage cloud has many storage nodes that can ingest streams of information independently so there is no data bottleneck. A camera-to-storage node ratio can be established, say 10 cameras per node, and then replicated out to hundreds of nodes, and enabling thousands of cameras. Since the cloud is centrally managed, a single administrator can easily manage the video surveillance storage for the entire city.

    Read-Intensive Workloads
    Video streaming and online video sharing are categorized as read-intensive workloads. Consider the example of the Beijing Olympics last summer. There was unbelievable demand for online video of the events, and in the U.S. the focus was on men’s swimming. When the U.S. relay team won by a fraction of a second, everybody wanted to watch. Millions of people flocked to the web and video servers churned out views. This creates a unique storage demand. With thousands of web servers trying to read a single file, the architecture must support parallel reads. With hundreds of independent nodes serving out many copies of the same file, cloud storage provides the ideal solution to read intensive workloads.

    High Performance Computing (HPC) Workloads
    HPC workloads are similar to data ingestion workloads with one important difference – access to a single file. Rather than every client creating a unique file, hundreds or thousands of systems access a single file that is striped across many nodes for performance. This workload requires tight coordination between every node in the cluster to ensure data integrity, file locking, and cache coherence. HPC storage is used extensively in oil and gas exploration and financial data modeling where complex transactions are processed by compute clusters. There are a number of established HPC storage vendors include Panasas, Isilon and NetApp GX.

    Single Producer, Many Consumer Workloads
    In June 2008, the NASA Phoenix Mars Lander discovered ice crystals on the surface of Mars. The world reacted, scientists and religious organizations confirmed their unique theories about the universe, and everybody wanted access to the data. Given the challenges of landing on Mars and collecting soil samples, it’s safe to say this is an example of a write once, consume many workload. Other examples include genomic sequence findings and quarterly business results. All share a single creation event with demand for multiple points of read access. Cloud storage protects data by replicating files to one or more nodes. This same activity can create many access points, enabling a single creation event to be easily shared amongst many consumers.

    Archive or Content Depot Workloads
    In most cases as data ages it becomes less active. Whether it is corporate information or media content, it is important that this data be kept available, but at a cost relative to its value. Private cloud storage economics and scale capabilities are designed to address this use case. Data can be copied to the cloud to free up more expensive tier-one storage devices and delay costly infrastructure upgrades. Cloud storage can be expanded on demand using the latest (or oldest) commodity hardware and a few simple mouse clicks. When it comes time to retire cloud hardware, it can be removed without downtime, preserving access and enabling 50 year archives.

    What Is Your Data Workload?
    When considering storage choices, ignore the “we can do everything” vendors and think about your workload. Once you understand your requirements and how the data will be used, your answer will emerge.