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    Beyond a Fuel Saver

    Beyond a Fuel Saver

    Beyond a Fuel SaverThere have been a lot of companies out there selling all kinds of fuel additives that claim to get you better gas mileage and some do just that. I have used just about every fuel saver product on the market trying to get better gas mileage on my cars, but knew there was more to it. Until now I have been dissatisfied because they mostly deal with a fuel additive that you add to your gas tank. That is fine but your car or truck is your second largest investment and there is more to protecting your  investment then just adding a product that only saves fuel.

    Did you know that the oil companies have taken out the sulfur in diesel fuels? Sulfur has been removed from diesel fuels throughout North America in the interest of reducing toxic and acidic emissions.   However, the bad news is that the fuel is not burning as well and damage is being done to engine parts due to a lack of lubrication.  Sulfur itself is not a lubricant; but in the process of removing sulfur from diesel fuel much of the lubrication is removed as well. Bitron has a product that when added to diesel fuel, lubricates the engine like never before.

    What about the internal parts of your engine? Will oil do what is needed to protect all those moving parts? My answer to that question is positively no. Bitron has a product that you add to your engine when you do an oil change, it lubricates the engine so well it will actually reduce the friction to almost  0. The engine can actually run without oil for a short period of time without any damage because the product impregnates the metal parts. It also acts as a fuel saver because reducing the friction in the engine will give you better mileage as well as the additive to the fuel system.

    How about the transmission and the rear axle? Yes Bitron protects your entire automobile by adding these lubricating products to the entire drive train. It is recommended to change all your oils after a period of time to rid the oil reservoirs of the tiny filings that is produced while your new engine, transmission and rear axles break in.

    Well you might think well that should be it but wait! What about your tires? Bitron has another product that just may save your life. If you are like me, one of my biggest worries is my wife or one of my children driving down some lonely dark road and runs over a nail, piece of glass or even a screw and have to pull off the road to fix that flat. First if they can do it they run the risk of getting hurt. The car me be on an incline and fall off the jack or some drunk may crash into them or even some nut comes along and does them harm.

    Bitron has a product that is put into the tires and once in you will practically never get a flat again, unless it is a side blow out. Don’t believe it check out the video at http://www.cheapfuel.bitronglobal.com and see it for yourself. Get this you will see a guy stab a motorcycle tire with a screw driver and it loses no air. One of the worst things is to get a flat on a motorcycle in the front at 70 miles an hour. Or have you ever tried to change a back tire on a motorcycle on the road, it is a nightmare.

    Oh yea don’t forget the outside of your vehicle. We have a waterless car wash product that not only is used on the paint, but it does the chrome, tires, windows, dash, seats, inside the door panels and anything else you want to use it on. It does not matter if you do it in the sun or shade and will not turn any rubber you have on your care white like most other waxes do.

    If all this does not impress you? I would also like to mention you can start up your own home business with this product.  Not only do you get paid commissions for signing people up, and selling product, but they also give you gas cards so you never have to pay for fuel again as a bonus. They also let you sign up for 30 days for free while you test the product and we give you discounts and web pages to get started. If you do not join after 30 days as a paid distributor at the end of your free membership your spot will disappear and the next person will move up in your position. Did I happen to mention while you are trying the product your team members will start building you a down line?

    All I can say is if you are tired of spending all your hard earned money at the pumps then this is the best place to get started doing something instead of just complaining. If you are interested in capitalizing on this once in a life time business opportunity or, simply saving a substantial amount on the outrageous fuel prices this company has got you covered.

    Apple Macbook Pro – a User’s Review

    Apple Macbook Pro – a User’s Review

    If you are a fan of Apple, the high-end Apple MacBook Pro is sure to please. Though this Mac laptop looks virtually the same externally as the 15 inch PowerBook, you should not judge the book by its cover. Looks can be deceiving.

    The Apple MacBook Pro, priced at $2,000 and up, is a high-end laptop that is packed with features. Some of these features include WiFi, Bluetooth wireless, DVD burning, a keyboard that lights up in the dark, stereo speakers and batteries with illuminated fuel gauges.

    The speed of the Mac laptop has not increased much in recent years, therefore, Apple made the decision to replace its current processor chips with chips from Intel. This meant that the entire operating system and all software programs had to be rewritten. Yet Apple deemed the decision worthwhile.

    The Apple MacBook Pro is one inch thick, only slightly slimmer than the PowerBook. However, the sleek finish and top notch quality of this mac laptop sets it apart from its predecessors.

    The battery life of the Apple Mac book Pro remains pretty much the same at 3 to 3.5 and half hours, but there have been many more improvements. One of these improvements includes improved WiFi reception, courtesy of the wireless antenna having been moved. The circuitry and graphics card have been upgraded and operate at greatly improved speeds.

    This Mac laptop also includes a screen that is much brighter. As a matter of fact, at only half brightness, it matches or exceeds the brightest setting of other laptop computers. The 1440-by-900-pixel screen can illuminate a completely darkened room at full brightness.

    It also includes a small video camera above the screen that is great for capturing impromptu video. The laptop also includes software programs for creating blogs, websites, videos, and podcasts. Some potential uses of the video camera include video blogs and videoconferencing.

    Another upgrade on this Mac laptop includes a remote control that you can use to operate the computer from across the room. It also includes a new power cord that detaches and drops if someone happens to trip over it.

    There are too many changes and upgrades to possibly list here, but one of the most notable changes is the increase in speed. The computer starts up quickly and operates just as quickly. This new Mac laptop will definitely make you aware of just how much you have been missing.

    US Based Plaksa Inks Partnership with Bodhtree for CoE for SaaS and Cloud Computing

    US Based Plaksa Inks Partnership with Bodhtree for CoE for SaaS and Cloud Computing

     Hyderabad, India /US–  December, 2009 – Bodhtree Consulting (www.bodhtree.com), a leading provider of innovative consulting and technology services world wide, has signed a strategic partnership with silicon valley based Plaksa, Inc., (employer work force development solution provider – https://jobs.plaksa.com ) for its CoE (Center of Excellence) for SaaS and Cloud Computing.

    This partnership enables Plaksa to leverage Bodhtree’s CoE for SaaS and Cloud Computing to design, develop and maintain its SaaS based products and applications. It will help Plaksa to expand its market reach and help deliver significant customer benefits which include much lower cost, faster time to market, and opportunities for creating new avenues of value. Gartner forecasts the 2008 cloud number at $ 46 billion, climbing to $ 150 billion by 2013.

    Making the announcement, Sanjiv Gupta, Chairman of Bodhtree, said “Bodhtree eyes the US market as a major opportunity to expand our SaaS and Cloud Computing business. Our goal is to ensure customers like Plaksa, Inc. successfully leverage cloud technology in achieving their time to market and ROI objectives.

    Bodhtree’s CoE for SaaS and Cloud Computing identifies technology trends and provides thought leadership, sets direction refine methodologies and processes for SaaS based solutions for various verticals and horizontal businesses, that enables companies to leverage cloud computing services and share best practices.

    “We are looking forward to a long association with Bodhtree by partnering with their CoE ecosystem. Their core competency in and customer success with CoE, SaaS and cloud computing will certainly bring a greater value proposition to our customers” Mohan Sivasankar –CEO of Plaksa, Inc. said

    “We expect to deliver a basic version of SaaS application in 90 days to Plaksa, since swift delivery is our CoE’S USP,” Raghavan Madabhushi, Head – SOA&DW, Bodhtree said. “Bodhtree’s dedicated CoE for SaaS and Cloud Computing is aimed at bringing significant business value to existing customers and future partnerships in all markets in which we operate. We are confident that our existing and new customers like Plaksa, Inc. in the US will experience associated benefits and economies of scale. Bodhtree’s (CoE) offers its customers to rapidly define build and deploy SaaS solutions in the cloud cost effectively.”

    About Bodhtree Consulting

    Bodhtree www.bodhtree.com  is a technology company offering IT services and solutions since 1999 in the niche areas of business intelligence, data management, spend analytics, data warehousing, SOA consulting, CRM Consulting, document management, patent asset management and trademark asset management, testing and product development outsourcing. Bodhtree’s customer base covers healthcare, pharmaceutical, hi-tech, manufacturing, government and media organizations across the world.

    Media Contact for Bodhtree

    Murlidharan, Enright PR, Mobile no: 09885109594, email enright@enrightpr.com / www.enrightpr.com

    BodhTree Contact

    Raghavan VSR Madabhushi


    Call US Toll Free: 877-542-4996


    About Plaksa, Inc.,

    Plaksa, Inc, www.plaksa.com a Silicon Valley, USA Company, whose mission is to bring visibility to all jobs globally, is growing rapidly as the workforce development solution for some of the major hospitals and small/ medium businesses. Plaksa also provides career planning services solution for educational institutions and universities in California.  Plaksa enables employers to recruit the best talent at the lowest overall cost. Any employer can post a job and receive an employment application (conforming to regulatory requirements) from prospective candidate for free, which is a major shift in paradigm.

    Contact for Plaksa                                                                                                                         

    Mohan Sivasankar at 408 789 7476 in the United States or email them at support@plaksa.com .

    I O Device Error Fix External Hard Drive

    I O Device Error Fix External Hard Drive

    Somehow, errors do happen in everyone’s PC and they would make your PC operating system slow and unstable. And most errors are redundant, corrupted and invalid entries in the registry. People are really annoyed when errors always pop on the PC. You couldn’t leave those problems behind and you have to dispose these errors timely. Otherwise, the only thing would happen is death halt of PC again and again. However, the users can’t just simply delete the registry. Because it’s really useful for the system and it’s the essential of PC.

    Error Fix, as registry cleaner software, aims on detecting these errors occurs in your PC system. It deeply scans your registry and cleans it. Never think it’s the only thing Error Fix can do. It also compact and organize a registry, as well as back up the registry. Registry cleaner could also remove start-up programs which slow down your start-up system. It could fasten the speed by 70%. A good registry cleaner can be used to clean the hard disk. In a word, the registry cleaner, Error Fix, is for perfecting the operation of your PC by detecting errors, removing unwanted data and backing up the registry.

    But to most PC users, PC errors might be complicated to fix. But as responsibility, you must maintain your PC under good running condition. Choose the best and compatible registry cleaner is really what you need to do in order to keep your PC optimum. And there are some good innovations in registry cleaner software nowadays. Therefore, it doesn’t matter that if you are acknowledged about this software. Just get the right one and help yourself. Download Click here

    Tarrant County Records – Tarrant County Birth & Death Records

    Tarrant County Records – Tarrant County Birth & Death Records

    Tarrant County Records are now available online. If you are looking to find Tarrant County Birth Records or Tarrant County Death Records, you need to read this article. Tarrant County Records – Tarrant County Birth & Death Records:

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    It used to be difficult and time consuming to search Tarrant County Birth Records, but the internet has made this task much easier. By clicking on the link above, you can search through thousands of Birth Records from Tarrant County for free in seconds. If your free preliminary search is successful, you can sign up for a membership to view an unlimited number of Tarrant County Birth Records for just $2.95 per month. In this difficult economy, that is an amazing deal. If you are looking for birth record information from Tarrant County, you need to click on the above link now! If you are looking for death records, use the link below instead:

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    Death Records have always been difficult to find, but if you are looking for death information on any individual from Tarrant County, the above link can help you find accurate Tarrant County Death Records in seconds. Death Records are kept by federal, state and local governments and it used to take weeks to locate accurate death record information. However, by clicking on the link above, you can perform a free preliminary search of thousands of Tarrant County Death Records in less than one minute. You can then choose to sign up and access unlimited death records for less than $3 per month, which is a smart investment in today’s economy. Don’t wait – start searching Tarrant County Death Records now!