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    Tremendous Growth in the Uae’s Telecommunication Market

    Tremendous Growth in the Uae’s Telecommunication Market

    It is continuously considering and evaluating ways to further intensify competition in the UAE telecom market.

    Penetration in the mobile market surpassed 166% in 2007, leaving less room for operators to further take advantage of the market. But this is not the end of growth; future growth in mobile subscriptions will come from growing population and increasing number of expatriates, says RNCOS in its new research report, “Booming UAE Telecom Sector”. Moreover, operators are now looking at Value Added Services (VAS) to derive revenues from saturated mobile market.

    However, the fixed-line sector remains underdeveloped, with fixed-line penetration standing at just over 30% in 2007. Various factors, such as high tariffs and absence of fixed-line networks, have been hindering the growth of the country’s fixed-line market. But the recent announcement by the TRA to allow Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) in the country could bring fruitful results in this sector.

    In line with the increasing education and business in the region, the demand for Internet services has also increased in recent years. Although dial-up subscriptions currently dominates the Internet market, we project broadband subscribers to account for nearly 65% of Internet subscribers in coming few years.

    Developments in all the sectors of ICT industry has heated up the competition in the region. So operators are seeking new sources of growth to capitalize on their share of the market. This is resulting into introduction of new technologies such as IPTV, VoIP, Mobile TV, etc. Operators in the region are aggressively pushing the deployment of network infrastructure suitable for these technologies.

    “Booming UAE Telecom Sector” provides in-depth analysis of the telecommunication market in the UAE. It gives an insight into the current market trends dominating the market. This research report also gives industry forecast on various telecom segments based on feasible telecom industry environment in the UAE. These include telecommunication industry, fixed-line, mobile subscribers, Internet subscribers, broadband subscribers and 3G subscribers.

    The research presents thorough analysis on the current and potential outlook of various emerging technologies, such as IPTV and Mobile TV in the UAE.

    As the telecom market remains duopoly of Etisalat and du, the report, keeping in mind importance of these two players in the success of UAE telecom market, offers rational analysis on both these operators. This includes in-depth research and extensive analysis on their business activities, recent developments and SWOT analysis in regard to the UAE telecom industry.

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    Spyware, Mac Users Are Targets Too

    Spyware, Mac Users Are Targets Too!

    One of the many things a Mac user boasts about is their ability to remain safer online that PC users. Mac users traditionally found a selling point of buying a Mac that it was less vulnerable to attacks than a Windows based PC.
    Spyware and Adware are mainly still targeted at Windows based users due to that being the lion’s share of the market and because of the many known security holes in Microsoft based operating systems. But reports suggest that more and more Spyware and Adware programs are targeting Macintosh based computers. Unfortunately, there still aren’t a lot of fixes for Mac users.
    What’s so bad about Spyware? Spyware programs maliciously infiltrate your computer and often sneak in buried in attachments or downloaded files. These executable files run in the background to capture information about you, send annoying advertisements to you or to report your every keystroke to an outside party. This is a growing problem and more and more people complaining of slow system performance and annoying pop-ups are realizing that their computer isn’t simply outdated, it’s quite simply infected by malicious software.
    Combating this problem can be a daunting task and can’t effectively be done without a Spyware program. Not many Spyware programs exist to help the Mac user remove spyware and help fight future attacks but more new software packages to treat this problem are being written every day. And, as new threats increase for the Mac user everyday, users need to be more cautious about what they download and how to watch for Spyware symptoms such as poor performance, hijacked homepages and any usual pop-up windows or error messages.
    Anti-spyware software that eliminates threats and also looks for new problems before it attacks the user’s personal computer is preferred over freeware that you download for one temporary fix. Keeping your privacy is critical considering the amount of personal information that’s contained on your hard drive. If you don’t save information such as this, you are still subjected to risks. Protecting yourself ensures that you’re able to safely do online shopping, online banking and even having a personal conversation via e-mail or instant messaging software. Spies look for and through your personal information, steal your identity and slow down your system. Installing anti-spyware software is as important as shielding your ATM pin number to protect your bank account or locking your car to prevent it from being stolen from a dark alley.

    Getting A Laser Detector To Prevent A Speeding Ticket

    Getting A Laser Detector To Prevent A Speeding Ticket

    It’s embarrassing to be the one sitting on the side of the road waiting for your speeding ticket as hundreds of people, some you know and some you don’t, pass by. Most likely it is on a strip of road that you drive everyday and this just happened to be the day you got targeted by that laser gun.
    This might be when you think about purchasing one of those little gadgets that will give you some notice when one of those “guns” are pointed in your direction. You might want to get a laser detector, especially after you see the amount of the speeding ticket.
    After that first ticket, or maybe after numerous tickets, you may begin to understand why there is so much “fuss” about these devices. This is where you will need time, patience, and information to make sure that you get the most up-to-date radar detector at the right price for you.
    The older radar detectors worked by using radio waves to detect the speed that the motorist was traveling. The laser guns are more precise and actually, harder to detect by a “fuzz buster.”
    When researching which type of detectors works best, the Valentine One Radar seems to be one of the most promising on the market today, when it comes to the best radar detector available. One reason why it is so impressive is that it never goes out of date because it can always be sent back to Valentine for the newest updates. The laser detector they are selling today is actually the same one that they sold several years ago; they just keep updating the technology.
    We all know that the best solution to avoid speeding tickets isn’t a laser detector or radar detectors jammers. The best way to avoid a speeding ticket is to simply avoid speeding altogether. But although most of us are typically law abiding citizens, this is the one law that most every driver breaks at some time or another.
    Whether it is intentional or not, it only takes being caught that one time by a law enforcement officer to get a ticket. And although the laws are in place for everyone’s safety, it is hard to swallow when you get a citation and nobody was hurt or you really were unaware of your speed.
    So, the best advice for the safety of yourself and everyone on the interstate, side streets, or roads that you are traveling on is to just slow down and leave early enough to get where you are going without the need to speed. However, if you are prone to rushing here and there, especially when traveling great distances and you want to avoid speeding tickets, then do your research and find the best laser detector for your needs and budget.

    Marketsmonitor Releases Report on Nuclear Energy – a New Hope for India

    Marketsmonitor Releases Report on Nuclear Energy – a New Hope for India

    According to “Nuclear Energy – A New Hope for India”, a new research report by RNCOS, the Indian nuclear power industry is set to boom post Indo-US nuclear deal.
    High demand and low production pushed the power deficit in India to around 10% of the total requirement in the FY 2008. And this deficit is expected to widen further in future as India’s power requirement is growing faster than generation. This can put breaks on the seamless economic growth of the country. So the government, as a precautionary measure, is focusing on the nuclear power industry. The major reason for shifting to nuclear power is its potential to generate more power than any other energy source in a short period of time and with low fuel requirement.
    In FY 2008, total nuclear power installation capacity in the country reached just over 4 GWe, and once India starts getting international cooperation, its installed capacity and plant construction will take off in a big way.
    This report gives extensive analysis on the Indian nuclear power industry. It evaluates the growth prospects and market potential, underlines the issues related to the success of the industry, and provides a prudent analysis on its various aspects. It presents a comprehensive overview of the past and current performance of the industry and identifies the future direction of the market.
    Industry Projections
    - Nuclear power plant installation capacity till FY 2018.
    - Numbers of reactors that are planned to start operation in future.
    - Evaluating the investment requirements for plant construction.
    - Uranium requirements in Million Pound.
    - Power generation in TWH.
    Players Profiling
    This section covers information on domestic companies that are playing an active role in the nuclear power industry. The companies discussed in the report are Larsen & Toubro Limited, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd, Walchandnagar Industries Ltd, Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd, Rolta, Gammon India, and Avasarala Technology Ltd.
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    Rfid Remodels Supply Chain Management

    Rfid Remodels Supply Chain Management

    Can you imagine 100% visibility of product in a Supply Chain with RFID tags to whole warehouse? RFID is major advancement in supply chain management. Although large range of applications supported by the radio-frequency identification technology, now supply chain management is on its focus. RFID is taught as the ultimate Supply Chain solution that will drive millions if not billions of savings throughout the supply chain and other areas. The question in the air is: Does RFID really has this “healing” power? From the ordinary process, such as moving goods through loading docks, to the complex, such as managing huge amount of data as information about goods is collected in real time makes RFID as an ultimate supply chain solution.
    The way we handle products in the Supply Chain will radically change the transformational RFID technology. It brings transparency in supply chain by cut out-of-stocks, counterfeit and shrinkage. Manpower savings is one of the most important features of the RFID supply chain management system. It is flexible for all kind of applications; range will grow when RFID combined with other sensors.
    Initially RFID is used to manage the large amount of goods like pallet and cartoon labels, identification. So RFID tags must have unique serial identifier for each batch of the product at the lading time, on the bill. It makes the less possibility of redundant data entry by scanning the RFID tag. The reason is RFID tag reader can scan many tags during a 1-second period.
    There are 2 types of RFID tags: passive and active. When reader reads the passive tag, Reader received the energy through tag’s antenna and transmits the data in the form of energy back. The main reason of widely used passive tags is its low cost.
    Active tag uses own power supplies mostly battery and transmit data to the reader. Battery is also used with other devices. For e.g. Active tags may be used with some kind of unpreserved goods that have thermometers to ensure the goods are kept at an acceptable temperature.
    It is very difficult to standardize the encoding information on RFID intelligent tags for supply chain management for bar codes.
    The standards for basic product information are encoded in RFID chips and standard to manage UPC information in bar codes are presented by EPCglobal Inc.
    The entire standard for information passing from RFID readers to other applications and from application to application, in supply chain are established by EPCglobal.
    These standards become useful when goods are ship from one company to company in terms of electronic transaction that will occur in between organization’s enterprise resource planning systems. These standards maintain every time when middleware handles data scanned by an RFID reader as goods enter a warehouse and will pass the data to an enterprise application.
    On the other hand it includes costs to the supply chain. But the investment in front of good ROI is not matter in case of RFID solutions.