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    What You Need to Know About Conference Call Providers

    What You Need to Know About Conference Call Providers

    In the modern age, with today’s ever increasing business needs, communication between people is becoming more and more important.  One of the better methods of keeping the avenues of communication open for business purposes is a conference call.  A conference call is a specific kind of telephone call that enables the caller to speark to more than one person at a single time.  Both the caller and the called can join the conference call independently at any point of time. This is done through a type of equipment that specializes in connecting telephone lines together when a designated telephone number is dialed.

    This specialized type of equipment is commonly known as the “conference bridge.”  This conference bridge is maintained by a service provider which is selected by the business firms who are also responsible for providing the telephone numbers and pin code needed by the associates to dial in order to join the conference call.  Conference calls are utilized every day in the business world as it is the best and msot economical way of:  Meeting far away clients, sales representations, regular team meetings, communicating to employees working in remote places, just to name a few.

    For this reason, conference call providers are greatly in demand among businesses, as they are solely responsible for providing the basic services required for conference calls.  They provide businesses with a teleconferencing platform, usually with web conferencing software for online conference call meetings required for international phone calls.  These international calls are provided at much lower rates, allowing businesses to cut down the costs of their telephone bills for international calls to a large extent.

    Conference call providers enable around 40-50 people to connect together through a single call at a rate similar to that of conventional phone calls.  It’s not only the lower cost that’s appealing, though:  New technology developed for this service maximizes voice clarity and minimizes transmission errors.  This is made possible through the use of fiber-optic cabling, digital router and switcher, and much wider bandwidth.  They also provide customer services and multiple calling options through the internet for businesses to meet their clients and partners at any time.  Conference call providers’ affordable and reasonable price and quality service are preferred by businesses for good reason, as it helps them to minimize expenses and maximize effective communication.

    However, in a competitive market with so many conference call service providers available, it can be a difficult task for businesses to determine which provider can best serve their needs.  Here are a few tips:  First, think about the long run and choose a provider that can offer you the best customer service.  Keep an eye out for the latest upgrades, and make sure your provider is offering you a quality VoIP connection that allows you to hold virtual meetings through a conference call.

    It’s also important to look at the technology that each provider uses, rather than simply look at the package that’s offered, because ensuring client information security during conference calls is essential.  Also, look for a provider that is willing to give you unlimited use of the internet, as well as phone connections that offer a specific number of users at a lump sum fee, because counting minutes during a conference call is not a good way for your employees to establish effective communication with clients.  Finally, be sure to research the global exposure and worldwide network of the conference call provider yourself rather than blindly believing its claims.




    • Solar cooking is the simplest, safest, most convenient way to cook food without consuming fuels or heating up the kitchen.
    • The first solar cooker we know of was invented by Horace de Saussure, a Swiss naturalist experimenting as early as 1767
    • Box Cookers – This type of cooker has been the advantage of slow, even cooking of large quantities of food. Variations include slanting the face toward the sun and the number of reflectors.
    • With box cookers, the food will cook more quickly if it is divided into several smaller pots instead of having it all in one large pot.
    • Solar cooking is not only fun but it’s a great educational tool. Solar Box Cookers, constructed using cardboard, newspaper, aluminum foil, and a piece of glass will typically cook at temperatures between 225 – 275 F.
    • Panel Cookers – In this design, various flat panels concentrate the sun’s rays onto a pot inside a plastic bag or under a glass bowl. The advantage of this design is that they can be built in an hour or so for next to nothing.
    • Panel Cookers require only one box, aluminum foil, a jar and an oven bag, and can be constructed in less than an hour.
    • Parabolic Cookers – These are usually concave disks that focus the light onto the bottom of a pot. The advantage is that foods cook about as fast as on a conventional stove. The disadvantage is that they are complicated to make, they must be focused often to follow the sun, and they can cause burns and eye injury if not used correctly.
    • A good first food to try is a small quantity of rice, since it is fairly easy to cook and looks very different cooked than it does raw. Chicken or fish is also very easy to cook.
    • There’s no need to rotate the oven to follow the sun, though it will improve cooking times
    • A solar cooker is like a hot box, in which we can cook our food without any cooking gas or kerosene, electricity, coal or wood.

    Sharp Ht-Sb200 Soundbar

    Sharp Ht-Sb200 Soundbar

    This is not the most attractive sound bar in existence, but it is clear the people from Sharp didn’t want to focus on this aspect. You will get a simple sound bar which is 31.5 inches wide, 2.5 inches tall and 2.75 inches deep. This means that it will look great next to any black TV which measures between 32 and 42 inches. You can mount it on a wall or simply place it next to your TV because its small height won’t block the signal of your remote control.

    A small display panel is placed on the center of the sound bar and it usually shows the current input. If you change the volume, the display will show you how close you are to the maximum value of 60. If this panel distracts you from watching a movie, you can always reduce its intensity. You will notice a few buttons around the display. They are used for switching between the four available modes: Cinema/Game, Standard, News and Sports. You can also adjust the sound modes, inputs and volume from another set of buttons or turn the sound bar on and off.

    Setting up the HT-SB200
    The sound bar only has two inputs: a 3.5 mm mini jack and an analogue stereo. This might cause some problems, especially if you are planning to use your audio system for multiple sources. On the upside, you won’t have to spend time when trying to connect the sound bar to your TV because of the limited options. The system can be controlled by the mini remote which comes with the package. It only has a few buttons, just enough to control the volume, the levels of your subwoofer and switching between audio modes. There are many settings which can be adjusted and this means that you will eventually get perfect sound, no matter the size of your room or the type of movie you are trying to watch. This remote control can also be used on a few Sharp TVs.

    Sound quality
    If this is your first sound bar and you are upgrading straight from the speakers of your flat screen TV, you won’t be disappointed. The sound offered by the HT-SB200 will seem amazing and you won’t regret buying it. Compared to other sound bars, the system is not the best you can get, but it is a competitive model if you take a look at the asking price of $249.

    You will hear sounds which you never heard before in certain movies and the whole experience will be different. This sound bar can’t be compared to 5.1 channel systems, but the surround feel is present. It only appears from time to time, but you can’t ask for more at this price. The bass sounds are far better than what you get from a TV set, but way under the quality offered by a simple subwoofer. It all depends on what you are used to. If you own a 5.1 channel system, this sound bar won’t live up to your expectations, but if you are used to watching movies on your TV without any separate speakers, you will be more than satisfied with what you get.

    The lack of a full Dolby Digital or DTS decoder can be noticed since the SRS WOW HD barley increases the size of the sound stage. You will notice this effect, but it can’t really be compared to surround sound systems. The best way to enjoy the effects offered by this system is to find the sweet spot and sit directly into it.

    After you make the necessary sound adjustments, the HT-SB200 becomes a reasonable system when it comes to sound quality. It will improve your movie viewing experience and listening to music will certainly become your favorite activity.

    Pros and Cons
    One of the advantages of getting this console is the fact that the people from Sharp have included a standby mode which is activated if you leave the system idle for too long, which is great for power saving. The clear difference between your regular TV speakers and this sound bar is also a plus, but there are a few problems.

    There are a couple of models in this price range and the HT-SB200 is not necessarily the best. You need to analyze your needs and see if some other sound bar can satisfy them better. The lack of a subwoofer is a clear disadvantage and you will notice it if you are a fan of action movies. The system is not recommended to those who have very large rooms.

    The Sharp HT-SB200 can be considered a competitive sound bar in its price range. You will get a minor touch of surround sound and the sound quality overall is better than what most people expect at this price. At the end of the day, what you see is what you get and this sound bar is a simple audio system which can enhance the audio of movies and music alike.
    Click for more information on Soundbar reviews.

    Escape Velocity Systems Expands Again With Strategic Announcement

    Escape Velocity Systems Expands Again With Strategic Announcement

    Escape Velocity Systems Expands Again with Strategic Announcement

    Escape Velocity Systems (EVS) was formed in 2001 to combine specific industry knowledge related to process manufacturing, distribution, and ERP implementations with cutting edge software development. The company focus is to create tools that enable mid-market enterprises to achieve their goals, focusing on lean processes and ROI. According Garber, “We realize that good ERP software is the hub of information in any process manufacturing enterprise. Timely, reliable, and centralized data are non-negotiable elements for businesses competing in the 21st century.”

    The term escape velocity refers to the speed that is necessary for an object to overcome gravity and soar into space. EVS provides direct applications for businesses looking for a catalyst, not just a software package. Process manufacturers require the best software solution coupled with industry experience that will accelerate the velocity with which they race towards their goals. The gravity of status-quo opposes aggressive, cutting edge organizations as they strive towards high quality and short lead time delivery while reducing inventories and operating costs.

    Working to provide organizations with total solutions to business improvement, Escape Velocity Systems (www.evs-sw.com) and Demand Works (www.demandworks.com) announced the signing of a strategic agreement.

    Demand Works has seen rapid acceptance of its Smoothie products, centered on the proprietary Pivot Forecasting technology that enables immediate synchronization of user-defined aggregate forecasts with product and/or customer forecast details in real time. Pivot Forecasting replaces the need for rigid forecast hierarchies. As a result, it has been adopted by an increasing number of companies that need to statistically anticipate demand while reconciling product, channel, geographic and customer forecasts at varying levels of aggregation.

    “Smoothie is an excellent product for global distribution and value-added channels. It’s easy to configure and easy to use, yet it provides compelling benefits to business users in the form of improved service, sales and asset turnover.” said Bill Tonetti, Demand Works company president.

    According to EVS, Escape Velocity Systems’ President, “The software is one of the best I’ve seen for demand forecasting. We are going to write the interface to MAS 500 to make a seamless solution for process manufacturing users.”

    Process Manufacturing describes a manufacturing process whereby materials are blended, cooked, or mixed as opposed to assembled from discrete units. Some needs common to process manufacturing industries are:

    • Formulas (or recipes) are ratios, not static bills of material

    • Split bill of material: several products can share one formula, yet have different packaging

    • Flexibility with units of measure

    • Stringent quality control, with recall ability

    • Lot grading / attribute tracking and calculation

    About Demand Works

    Demand Works Company, based in West Chester, Pennsylvania, develops forecasting, demand and supply planning solutions for manufacturing and distribution companies. Demand Works’ solutions enable businesses to economically achieve superior performance with improved tactical business planning and analysis tools. For more information about Demand Works, visit www.demandworks.com.

    Your dishwasher’s guardian angel

    Your dishwasher’s guardian angel

    If you have an older 3 Phase dishwasher it is most likely that your wash motor is not protected very well…

    What I mean is that there are a couple smaller parts which control the motor and they easily can become faulty. When they go faulty you may not even notice, but the motor will. And the damage begins. You will keep on using the dishwasher without major faults thinking that everything is ok, but the motor inside will be getting hotter and hotter and eventually it will give its last breath.

    Well, then nothing else can be done except to get a new motor in. And this can cost easily up to a 1/3 of your dishwasher value.

    But if you smart enough, you can avoid all that by simply getting a technician to check it out and see if the motor has got one of these: Control relay RSTB

    What does this relay do?

    Electronic timer is designed to monitor 3-phase supplies and to protect motors and other loads against the faults listed below.

    · Monitoring of rotational direction of phases

    · Detection of complete failure of one or more of the phases

    · Undervoltage detection (-10%)

    · Overvoltage detection (+10%)

    · Detection of phase asymmetry (imbalance) (±10%)

    The relay operates if any of the conditions occurs.

    The relay releases if any of the conditions fails.

    There is a Time Delay between the relay action and the condition occurs (except rotational direction of phases error ) to avoid very short interruptions or other momentary failures.

    A selector switch allows selection of an adjustable time delay from 0.1s to 10s.

    When the supply returns towards its rated value, the relay is re-energized according to the hysteresis value (5%).

    So just by having one of these, which cost only a fraction of a new motor price, you can avoid a big breakdown, big bill and huge losses for your business.

    ACT NOW!!! Every day you hold over may be crucial to your machine, get it checked, get one installed and have a peace of mind.