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  • Beyond a Fuel Saver

    Beyond a Fuel Saver

    Beyond a Fuel SaverThere have been a lot of companies out there selling all kinds of fuel additives that claim to get you better gas mileage and some do just that. I have used just about every fuel saver product on the market trying to get better gas mileage on my cars, but knew there was more to it. Until now I have been dissatisfied because they mostly deal with a fuel additive that you add to your gas tank. That is fine but your car or truck is your second largest investment and there is more to protecting your  investment then just adding a product that only saves fuel.

    Did you know that the oil companies have taken out the sulfur in diesel fuels? Sulfur has been removed from diesel fuels throughout North America in the interest of reducing toxic and acidic emissions.   However, the bad news is that the fuel is not burning as well and damage is being done to engine parts due to a lack of lubrication.  Sulfur itself is not a lubricant; but in the process of removing sulfur from diesel fuel much of the lubrication is removed as well. Bitron has a product that when added to diesel fuel, lubricates the engine like never before.

    What about the internal parts of your engine? Will oil do what is needed to protect all those moving parts? My answer to that question is positively no. Bitron has a product that you add to your engine when you do an oil change, it lubricates the engine so well it will actually reduce the friction to almost  0. The engine can actually run without oil for a short period of time without any damage because the product impregnates the metal parts. It also acts as a fuel saver because reducing the friction in the engine will give you better mileage as well as the additive to the fuel system.

    How about the transmission and the rear axle? Yes Bitron protects your entire automobile by adding these lubricating products to the entire drive train. It is recommended to change all your oils after a period of time to rid the oil reservoirs of the tiny filings that is produced while your new engine, transmission and rear axles break in.

    Well you might think well that should be it but wait! What about your tires? Bitron has another product that just may save your life. If you are like me, one of my biggest worries is my wife or one of my children driving down some lonely dark road and runs over a nail, piece of glass or even a screw and have to pull off the road to fix that flat. First if they can do it they run the risk of getting hurt. The car me be on an incline and fall off the jack or some drunk may crash into them or even some nut comes along and does them harm.

    Bitron has a product that is put into the tires and once in you will practically never get a flat again, unless it is a side blow out. Don’t believe it check out the video at and see it for yourself. Get this you will see a guy stab a motorcycle tire with a screw driver and it loses no air. One of the worst things is to get a flat on a motorcycle in the front at 70 miles an hour. Or have you ever tried to change a back tire on a motorcycle on the road, it is a nightmare.

    Oh yea don’t forget the outside of your vehicle. We have a waterless car wash product that not only is used on the paint, but it does the chrome, tires, windows, dash, seats, inside the door panels and anything else you want to use it on. It does not matter if you do it in the sun or shade and will not turn any rubber you have on your care white like most other waxes do.

    If all this does not impress you? I would also like to mention you can start up your own home business with this product.  Not only do you get paid commissions for signing people up, and selling product, but they also give you gas cards so you never have to pay for fuel again as a bonus. They also let you sign up for 30 days for free while you test the product and we give you discounts and web pages to get started. If you do not join after 30 days as a paid distributor at the end of your free membership your spot will disappear and the next person will move up in your position. Did I happen to mention while you are trying the product your team members will start building you a down line?

    All I can say is if you are tired of spending all your hard earned money at the pumps then this is the best place to get started doing something instead of just complaining. If you are interested in capitalizing on this once in a life time business opportunity or, simply saving a substantial amount on the outrageous fuel prices this company has got you covered.

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