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    What is a Bluetooth Profile

    What is a Bluetooth Profile?

    The profile found in Bluetooth will describe how the technology is used. Profiles can be best described as vertical slices through the protocol stack. It will define options in each protocol that are mandatory for the profile.
    The profile will also define the parameter ranges for each protocol. The concept of the profile is used to decrease the risk of interoperability problems between the different products. These profiles won’t normally define any additions to the Bluetooth specification, which is why you can add new profiles where you need them. The Bluetooth underlying technology is the same, only the specific method that it’s used is defined.
    Generally speaking, all profiles of Bluetooth are based on the GAP (Generic Access Profile). There are 9 profiles that fall in the GAP category, and they are below:    
    1. AVRCP – Audio/Video Remote Control Profile
    2. ESDP – Extended Service Discovery Profile
    3. CIP – Common ISDN Access Profile
    4. PAN – Public Area Network Profile
    5. HCRP – Hardcopy Cable Replacement Profile
    6. GAVDP – Generic Audio/Visual Distribution Profile
    7. A2DP – Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
    8. VDP – Video Distribution Profile
    9. HID – Human Interface Device Profile
    To put it another way, usage models will describe Bluetooth device applications and the associated profiles that are used. The usage model focuses mainly on three categories – voice/data access points, peripheral interconnects, and PAN (Personal Area Networking).
    The voice and data access points involve connecting computing devices to communicating devices through a wireless link. This way, data can be transferred in a wireless manor, without the need of cables or other types of connectivity.
    PAN is another very important usage model with strong appeal to business customers. Bluetooth networks are easy to set up in virtually any type of environment. An example would be meeting others at a trade show.
    Instead of having contact information beamed via infrared, business cards can quickly and easily be transferred via Bluetooth wireless. The fact is that many documents can be exchanged this very same way – making the uses and possibilities virtually endless.
    The Bluetooth profile is very important to the specification, as it enables you to do so much more. You can use peripherals and devices with the profiles, and virtually anything else that you decide.
    As Bluetooth expands and gets bigger and better, you can count on the profiles to expand and get even more functions. If you have experience with Bluetooth profiles, you should know exactly what they are and what you can do with them. If not, all you need is a Bluetooth device – and a vivid imagination.

    A Storage And Retrieval for The City of Miami

    A Storage And Retrieval for The City of Miami

    Many cities, including The City of Miami, may have digitize microfilm records. Other cities that have not scanned microfilm records will probably look at this possibility in the near future.
    The benefits of digitizing microfilm records may be realize by the City of Miami as well as the customers it serves. For example, The they may have millions of public records stored on microfilm. These records may need to be accessible to the people who used them for research and development. The City of Miami may need to have a system in place so that people can have access to thousands of rolls of microfilm. To keep the microfilm from damage, it is also Important for the City of Miami to maintain a temperature control room . The City of Miami may also need to have personnel available to store and retrieve the microfilm as it is used. Additionally, The City of Miami may also be responsible to make sure that the integrity of the microfilm is protected and this means that the City of Miami will need to make duplicate backup of the microfilm. Any time a duplicated roll is made, it may represent additional cost .
    The City of Miami may take advantage of a digital and more automated system once all the records that exist on microfilm are digitize. The cost from a microfilm library may be eliminated by the City of Miami once a digital storage and retrieval system is implemented. The City of Miami may also be able to save customers time and reduce their own cost with a digital system in place. You may have fast access to records from a digital retrieval system. In a digital system, you may be able to search and find records through a database search in a computer and not have to depends on City of Miami employees. The City of Miami may save many hours of labor since they would need less personnel to work the system, and you as a consumer, spend less time waiting for information.
    New technology can allow cities to begin the digital process right from the hard copy format. Paper form is usually the initial format of most records.Steps can be taken by the City of Miami to receive a digital copy or generate a digital copy of the document right from the original document The digital storage and retrieval system can be easily updated with digital images. Microfilm backups can be made from digital files to take care of safety issues.
    You can contact us for more information on converting microfiche cards, microfiche jackets, com microfiche, or microfilm roll. We can create a digital storage and retrieval system for you from your microfilm library.

    Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup – Reverse Phone Lookup

    Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup – Reverse Phone Lookup

    One of the frustrating things to have a cell phone if you do not miss calls. You see, unlike fixed-line phone stores the numbers that you mentioned in the call lists. However, unless the number is already in your address book then you usually have to be probably able to say who it was, she cried. Until now it is almost impossible to get this information because it is not simply a public directory of cell phone number was. However, that changed with the publication of a series of reverse lookup phone number websites on the Internet everything.

    Get Best Reverse Phone Number Trace Service

    These specialized websites that allow you to enter a cell number in a special order form, and if you are concerned return presented with a whole heap of useful information about the registered owner. As expected, you can determine the owner name, address, and carrier information. What is more surprising is that many of the reverse cell phone number lookup services that are coming on-line now also available in a variety of public documents, and retain, so you can choose to credit histories, criminal records and the time of Births, marriages and so on.

    One might think that these services cost a lot of money, given the amount that could be hard to find the information they receive to deliver, after all, if you hired a specialist in this stuff out, it cost you thousands of dollars in fees would be. However, the typical starting price starting at $ 10 per search, and most of the big cell phone number reverse lookup providers offer unlimited search packages for around $ 35 – $ 40

    Get Best Reverse Phone Number Trace Service

    You now have no excuse for not knowing who is calling. Recently I had a whole series of calls that I could not identify, so I used one of these services only to discover it was a telemarketing company. A quick call to my cell provider and I managed that businesses get the number blocked and they do not feel like I’ve got. Now that is a great use of a reverse phone lookup service in my book.

    Reverse Phone Detective is the most popular cell phone reverse lookup service provider on Internet. The search tool is featured in 7 of the top 10 Google search results on “Reverse Cell Phone lookup”, that’s how popular this provider is.

    Reverse Phone Detective allows you to conduct reverse phone search to look for the owner, location, and details about any number, includes cell phones and mobile numbers. Reverse Phone Detective has over 250 million cell phone numbers in its database. In addition to make reverse lookup on regular cell phone numbers, you can also make reverse lookup on residential and business numbers, unlisted numbers, and private numbers.

    Get Best Reverse Phone Number Trace Service

    Genesys Controls Corporation Selects VISIBILITY

    Genesys Controls Corporation Selects is one of the first Enterprise business applications to be written from the outset entirely using Microsoft’s .NET framework and Web services architecture. This methodology provides ETO manufacturers with a distinct set of advantages when deploying the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application. has a highly functional user interface, providing the user with a multi-document interface (multiple windows) in a single browser session. Visibility extended the standard Microsoft ASP.NET development environment by providing a highly intuitive, interactive user experience that would not usually be possible within an Internet application.

    Genesys Controls Corporation, headquartered in Lancaster, PA has selected ERP. Genesys Controls Corporation manufactures industrial control systems, control panels and custom microelectronics. Genesys differentiates themselves by working closely with their customers by designing and building the end product to client specifications.

    According to Stephen Carson, Visibility’s Executive Vice-President, “The biggest factor in selecting was to gain improved business integration through the entire business cycle, yielding optimized results.”

    This includes comprehensive use of business functions required by the engineering department to accommodate an intensive Make-To-Order and Project Based business procedures. A second priority was to allow engineers the full advantages of the entire ERP system. Genesys Controls expects to go live in July 2006.

    As a company, Visibility has truly embraced these standards. With VISIBILITY.NET native use of the .NET architecture and object-oriented technology means that as an application it can easily integrate with, and use, other applications by communication with XML Web Services. The very core of the VISIBILITY.NET application makes use of this technology today, without the need for additional middleware or integration applications. VISIBILITY.NET provides a common user interface, a single integrated platform and a single software technology.

    Visibility Corporation ( is a leading developer and supplier of business software solutions designed for the unique needs of project-based, engineer-to-order and to-order manufacturers. Visibility’s Enterprise Application solutions help midsize manufacturers of complex products operate their businesses effectively. is an integrated ERP solution and more. Offering unparalleled functionality and integrated workflow, this browser-based solution cost effectively delivers the power of .NET-based Web services for use with either a Microsoft SQL Server™ or Oracle® database. Conducting business any place, any time, any where is a reality, deployable with unprecedented flexibility.

    LG Viewty – a Sophisticated Camera Phone

    LG Viewty – a Sophisticated Camera Phone

    Mobile phones with stunning looks are always in demand. Ultra slim profiles and aesthetic designs have an appeal that users can seldom ignore. As a matter of fact, behavioural researches show that people remain more than happy with slick handsets that they can flaunt at social gatherings and official meetings with a lot of pride. And leading handset manufacturers are doing all that it takes to cater to this growing demand. Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG Electronics – all the well-known names in this domain are designing and developing some of the most amazing mobile phones with futuristic looks and sophisticated profiles.

    The LG Viewty is one such fashion phone from LG Electronics. The design of the handset exudes simple sophistication. A touchscreen with a glass panel makes for a distinct first impression. The keypad is done away with – a fact that contributes to the small size of this mobile phone.

    It is not all good looks though. The stunning design of the LG Viewty mobile phone is matched brilliantly with a host of highly innovative features. An integrated 5 megapixel digital camera, a multimedia player, a web browser – this LG mobile phone comes with all these and more. Another important feature is the document viewer that can be used to view documents in Word, PowerPoint or Excel formats.

    So, within a small profile, the LG Viewty comes with quite a few interesting capabilities. The high tech features complement the brilliant looks of this LG mobile just perfectly. One can use this LG mobile to get some of the best shots in the form of static images or moving video clips. The extraordinary imaging capabilities of this handset make it comparable to other camera phones such as the Nokia N95. With attractive deals being available in the market, people can now get to own this innovative and stylish LG phone at affordable costs.