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    Buy Ddr Computer Memory — a Quick Guide

    Buy Ddr Computer Memory — a Quick Guide

    Getting DDR computer memory chips requires a multitude of considerations, including clock speed, clock frequency, transfer rate, storage space, electronic interface capabilities, on-die termination, prefetch buffers, off-chip drivers, latency, band width, and operating voltage, some of which rise or fall in effectiveness to the implementation of the other factors involved.

    DDR, DDR2, and DDR3, are each majorly different from one another, so it depends on the particular operating system to be used and personal choice. In the end, variation in price based on model and storage capacity makes buying DDR computer memory chips a task necessitating some technical knowledge and understanding.

    Below are a good amount of models of the DDR memory chip and the comparative prices. This will provide a clearer idea for those interested in buying DDR computer memory chips:

    1. DDR PC2100, Memory Part #: 554cm-147 (128 MB/s): DDR 16X64-266MHz DDR266 PC2100 Compatible Memory. Sale: $29.95

    2. DDR PC2100, Memory Part#: 512cm-165 (256 MB/s): DDR PC2100 266MHz ECC 184pin. Sale: $62.95.

    3. DDR-ECC PC2100, Memory Part #: 513cm-167 (512 MB/s): DDR ECC PC2100 184pin 266MHz 2.5V Compatible Memory. Sale: $69.95.

    4. DDR PC2100 EEC, Memory Part #: 539cm-539 (1GB): 1024MB/s DDR PC2100 266MHz ECC Non-Registered 184pin Memory Upgrade. Sale: $139.95.

    As can be seen, when obtaining DDR computer memory chips, each one is noticeably different than the others and therefore has a contrastive price. Sales and discounts are usually available, especially online, and are also affected by the uniqueness of the item.

    Getting DDR computer memory chips is important in enhancing computer system performance in one way or another. Still, some models work well in particular electronic systems and not in others, so its just as important to know the system as it does the respective strengths and weaknesses of the current DDR memory chips.

    The Traffic Light: Have you ever thought much about it

    The Traffic Light: Have you ever thought much about it?

    We see them every day. We’re probably stopped by a few of them every day. However, have you ever stopped to consider how that pesky traffic light came to be on that specific corner in the first place? From the <a title=”If You Want To Know More About A Surveying Company, Visit Dryco Surveying” Href=>surveying company</a>
    hired to do the <a title=”If You Want To Know More About A Property Survey, Visit Dryco Surveying” Href=>property survey</a> to the engineers who design the land to the data analysts who program the lights, myriad of people are part of the process. It’s too bad we can’t learn to appreciate their presence.
    Traffic lights are both a curse and a blessing. While they help to control the flow of traffic on the roads and help to reduce the chaos that would otherwise ensue, they always seem to stop us when we are in a hurry. How do they know? While they aren’t programmed with ESP or to know if a car is in a hurry, they are programmed to know you are there. You have got to have a special place in your heart for those lights that detect your presence and change just as you pull up. Ah, if only they could always react that way.
    The traffic light has been slowing us down since 1920, when a police officer decided to do something about the ever increasing number of people getting behind the wheel of a car. Detroit had the first traffic light and it helped so much that within the year there were already 15 installed. Wouldn’t you love to be responsible for the invention of that? The first light was made by utilizing the railroad light as a model.
    These days traffic lights are so sophisticated they combine both the detectors as well as cameras. Because the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety determined that so many accidents were happening because drivers were running red lights they decided to do something about it. Now many traffic lights have cameras built in that will collect evidence to prosecute light runners. If you are caught running a red light you will receive a picture of the crime as well as your ticket in the mail a month or two later. So, while you may be sitting at home thinking you got away with it, think again.
    The future of the traffic light has many possibilities. Some speculate that they may be solar powered, allowing the light to become more energy efficient. While others have created plans that would allow the light to become a laser instead. Some pictures online depict a laser barrier that would be in place while the car is stopped and then would simply disappear when you can go. Maybe we’ll find them talking to us in the future – saying stop and go along with the changing lights.
    Okay, so the traffic light may not be the most fascinating thing in your life; however, you must admit that it has had quite an impact on the world. Further, it involves so many different people to be involved. Traffic departments, land surveyors, construction companies, the list is endless on the number of departments and specialists involved in making sure lights are up and running smoothly. Next time you get stopped by that red light on the way to work take a moment to appreciate the light instead of feeling that usual irritation.

    Getting A Laser Detector To Prevent A Speeding Ticket

    Getting A Laser Detector To Prevent A Speeding Ticket

    It’s embarrassing to be the one sitting on the side of the road waiting for your speeding ticket as hundreds of people, some you know and some you don’t, pass by. Most likely it is on a strip of road that you drive everyday and this just happened to be the day you got targeted by that laser gun.
    This might be when you think about purchasing one of those little gadgets that will give you some notice when one of those “guns” are pointed in your direction. You might want to get a laser detector, especially after you see the amount of the speeding ticket.
    After that first ticket, or maybe after numerous tickets, you may begin to understand why there is so much “fuss” about these devices. This is where you will need time, patience, and information to make sure that you get the most up-to-date radar detector at the right price for you.
    The older radar detectors worked by using radio waves to detect the speed that the motorist was traveling. The laser guns are more precise and actually, harder to detect by a “fuzz buster.”
    When researching which type of detectors works best, the Valentine One Radar seems to be one of the most promising on the market today, when it comes to the best radar detector available. One reason why it is so impressive is that it never goes out of date because it can always be sent back to Valentine for the newest updates. The laser detector they are selling today is actually the same one that they sold several years ago; they just keep updating the technology.
    We all know that the best solution to avoid speeding tickets isn’t a laser detector or radar detectors jammers. The best way to avoid a speeding ticket is to simply avoid speeding altogether. But although most of us are typically law abiding citizens, this is the one law that most every driver breaks at some time or another.
    Whether it is intentional or not, it only takes being caught that one time by a law enforcement officer to get a ticket. And although the laws are in place for everyone’s safety, it is hard to swallow when you get a citation and nobody was hurt or you really were unaware of your speed.
    So, the best advice for the safety of yourself and everyone on the interstate, side streets, or roads that you are traveling on is to just slow down and leave early enough to get where you are going without the need to speed. However, if you are prone to rushing here and there, especially when traveling great distances and you want to avoid speeding tickets, then do your research and find the best laser detector for your needs and budget.

    Plug and Play XDS510 TI DSP Emulator

    Plug and Play XDS510 TI DSP Emulator

    Toronto, Canada – GAO Embedded ( has announced the availability of its TI digital signal proessing (DSP) emulator which supports multi-DSP emulation. The cost-effective emulator has been upgraded to support the latest driver for both CCS3.3 and CCS2.x. It runs under Windows 98, NT, 2000 and XP operating systems. This emulator features a compact size, plug-and-play set up for easy installation, high operating speed and multi-DSP emulation. It has the ability to emulate TI’s TMS320C2000/3000/5000/6000 and C3X/4X/5X/8X, OMAP families.

    The hot-pluggable TI DSP emulator, model XDS510, supports a standard high-speed USB 2.0 interface and a data transfer rate of up to 480Mb/s which is twice as fast as other emulators. It provides a standardized JTAG emulation interface to save computer resources. The high performance TI DSP emulator supports multiprocessor debugging using the same or different types of processor and provides a real-time event sequence server that is severable without service interference. In addition, this USB TI DSP emulator offers hardware detection in the event of a power loss or cable disconnection. All pod signals are ESD protected.

    The price of this smart emulator has been reduced to US$594.00 for a limited time only. It is in the popular line of GAO Embedded’s TI DSP Emulator & Debugger.

    Visit for more information or to purchase this product online.

    For any sales inquires please contact:

    1-877 585-9555 ext. 601 – Toll Free (USA & Canada)

    1-416 292-0038 ext. 601 – All Other Areas

    About GAO Embedded

    GAO Embedded ( is a leading provider of embedded development tools that serve the needs of electronic professionals internationally.

    Learn Why And How To Install Reversing Camera

    Learn Why And How To Install Reversing Camera

    The benefits of reversing cameras are enticing for all sorts of drivers. Whether you driver a car, truck or RV, you will always get benefited by installing a reversing camera in your vehicle as it will help you to stay away from getting in a difficult situation.
    While opting for a reversing camera, you must keep in mind that most of these cameras are designed to sport wide-angle lens. What it means is that these cameras will not provide you a good view of faraway objects but they will dramatically enhance your ability to see horizontal path. Since it provides you a perfect view from one corner of your car to another, it becomes extremely simple to reverse your car without hurting anyone else.
    Generally, people opt for parking sensors for reversing their car but when it comes to larger vehicle then it becomes indispensable to go for reversing cameras as they are more useful in reversing without making a collision.
    So, a reversing camera is important but you will have to install it in the right way to get right results. In order to perform this task on your own, you must start by disconnecting the battery cable. The next thing is to decide about the place to install your camera. The best place in this situation is the plastic bumper. After determining a point, you must drill a hole but do make sure that hole is perfect for your camera, i.e. neither too big nor too small. After placing your camera in the bumper, you must connect backup-light power wire to the power wire of your camera. Then you must put the camera`s output wire to the monitor. After completing all these steps, you have to reconnect the battery to start using your camera.
    As you can see that the installation of reversing cameras is not extremely difficult but if you don’t want to go through any hassle, it is better to call in an expert. It is so because an expert will complete the task without damaging the metal sheet of your car. Also, you will have to install the monitor to receive signals from your rear-view camera and that’s when an expert can lend a helping hand.
    The fact of the matter is that reversing cameras are the need of the hour. The type of your vehicle should not affect your buying decision as most people believe that they can reverse well even in the absence of reversing cameras because their car is not too big. You must consider installing a camera irrespective of your car type as you will know its benefits only after installing. So, get a reversing camera and install it today.